State Not Worried About Mad Cow

Laramie, Wy – Wyoming agriculture officials say the
finding of a second case of mad cow disease in the United States
should not cause any alarm.
The U-S-D-A announced today (Friday) that tests have confirmed
the ailment in a cow that was initially examined last year.
Wyoming State Veterinarian Dwayne Oldham says the system is
working, and he says the addition of a second test of high-risk
cattle will ensure even more confidence in the system.
Jim Magagna of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association says
388-thousand cattle have been tested in the past 18 months, and to
find only one case indicates that the presence of mad cow disease
is very low in the United States.
He expects minimal impact on domestic consumption, but he's
concerned about the reaction from the international market.
There's no word yet on where the diseased cow came from.