State revenue continues to run ahead of projections

Laramie, WY – Once again, a report from the Wyoming Economic Analysis Division shows that state revenue is beating projections. The most recent numbers, which go through May, show that Wyoming General Fund revenue is exceeding estimates for this fiscal year by about 51 million dollars, or just over five percent. Though revenue has by no means returned to pre-recession levels, Senior Economist Jim Robinson says the state is seeing steady improvement.
"It's certainly not a boom situation where all of the sudden we have extra money just because something unexpected happened to the energy market. What we're seeing here is just slow improvement in labor markets. Mining, but not just mining. Some other sectors as well. Some some things are starting to come together in different parts of the economy for Wyoming."
The Economic Analysis Division report shows that sales and use taxes, severance taxes and investment income are all exceeding projected levels for this year.