State senate gets animated over texting bill

Cheyenne, WY – The Wyoming Senate had a spirited debate over whether law enforcement should be allowed to pull a driver over if he or she is sending or receiving a text message. The debate centered on a bill that would ban texting while driving. Senator Drew Perkins of Casper attempted to amend the bill to make texting a secondary offense. That means a driver could not be pulled over just for texting. Perkins says placing someone in jail for texting is wrong. Others, like Senator Grant Larson of Jackson, say that if the bill is watered down, nobody will take it seriously.
"I admit it is hard to enforce. But rejecting this amendment and passing this bill is gonna save lives. Every statistic from nationally on down is gonna tell you that."
The Perkins amendment failed. Other lawmakers argued that talking on a cell phone is still legal... so the texting bill could lead to officers pulling over innocent people. The Senate will debate the bill for a final time tomorrow (Friday).