State Of The State: Cut Budgets, Improve Education, Manage Wolves

Feb 13, 2012

Governor Matt Mead told lawmakers that the state needs to slow its budget growth, mainly due to the downturn in natural gas prices.  But in his state of the state message, the governor mentioned some other priorities.

The governor said that the state is in good shape and is much better than other state's that are forced to make more serious cuts.  But he asked lawmakers to look closely at some other measures.  One is to approve common core standards to enhance education at the K-12 level.

"We are not in doing this signing on with federal curriculum,” said Mead. “These are Wyoming standards.  We are signing on to a better future for our children by demanding more rigorous standards."

The governor also urged law makers to approve legislation that would allow a wolf management agreement with the Department of Interior to move forward.  He said if that legislation fails it could hurt the state...

"We have to have a scientifically sound approach that gives us management and the ability to have a balance in terms of numbers."

The governor also said the state needs to continue looking at ways to create jobs through technology.