State Still Struggling With Seat Belt Use

Cheyenne, WY – Wyoming continues to see a good deal of highway fatalities where seat belts are not in use. During each of the last two weekends, there have been fatal car crashes on Wyoming roads where the victims were ejected from their vehicles. Two teenagers died on March 6th in a crash near Kaycee and an Idaho man died this past Sunday west Casper. None of the three was wearing a seat belt. Sergeant Steven Townsend says the number of fatalities where seat belts aren't in use is a source of frustration for the Wyoming Highway Patrol. For all of the fatal accidents where seat belts aren't used, Townsend says there are scores of non-fatality crashes where seat belt use makes a difference. He says over the years, there has been an improvement, but not at the kind of pace they would like to see. In the first two months of 2005, Townsend says there were 12 fatalities involving single-vehicle rollovers. 8 of those victims were not wearing seat belts.