State Suing Kool Cigarette Maker

Cheyenne, WY – Wyoming and 30 other states plan to sue Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corporation for the marketing of its Kool brand of cigarettes. The states say hip-hop images are being used to target young people, and that the company has put the Kool brand-name on non-tobacco merchandise; both violations of the 1998 settlement made with tobacco companies. The Wyoming Attorney General's office says the state hasn't been directly targeted by the Kool campaign. But Deputy Attorney General Robin Cooley says they're joining this lawsuit because of Wyoming's role as a party in the larger settlement and to support efforts aimed at getting rid of youth targeting. The Administrator of the state's Tobacco Settlement Unit, Carolyn Teter, says youth targeting is a big concern in Wyoming. So she thinks this sends a message that advertising other tobacco products to young people in Wyoming is not acceptable.