State Superintendent will remain an elected position

Feb 17, 2012

An attempt to change the constitution to make the State Superintendent of Public Instruction an appointed rather than elected position has failed in the Wyoming House.

Casper Republican Steve Harshman brought the idea due to the importance the legislature has placed on the State Department of Education.  He noted that very few states have an elected Superintendent. But others disagreed with the idea.  Douglas Republican Frank Peasley argued that the current system works best.

“I like the voters' say so in the election," Peasley said. " I like to hear the dialogue we get with the Superintendent’s debating these issues.  I thought it was a great election last time to hear that kind of dialogue and it’s gonna get lost and we are just gonna immerse more power in the governor’s office, so I’m not keen on it.”

Harshman said that the issue had nothing to do with the current Superintendent.