State wants to sell land near Grand Teton National Park

Cheyenne, Wyo. – The state is continuing to push for the sale or trade of land it owns in Teton County. The parcels in question are north of Jackson and total about 1,400 acres.

Governor Dave Freudenthal visited the land this weekend. He says the state would like to keep the land undeveloped but would like to get some of the value out of it. That money would have to go to the state school system, under Wyoming law. "The reason it continues to be a problem for the state is that the properties all together are probably worth 100 to 125 million and I think our net income off of the properties is under three thousand dollars," he said, "so that's not exactly the best stewardship of the state's school lands."

Right now the governor says the state would like to sell the land to the Park Service or BLM because it is close to Grand Teton National Park. But he says so far the federal government has not come up with a fair offer. Freudenthal says Congress may have to draft and pass a bill to get the funding needed to finish a sale or land swap.