States join to fight poachers

Helena, MT – States are joining to protect fish and
wildlife from poachers.

The Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact was formed in the early 1990s by three states.

Each state has a representative on the compact's board, which elects a chairman.

The current board chairman is North Dakota's chief game warden, Bob Timian.

He says people are more mobile than ever, and the interstate pact stops violators in one state from hunting illegally in other states.

Wyoming is among the states in the compact, and the states share information on people who've been convicted of a crime that led to the revocation of their hunting or fishing privileges.

States in the compact can issue citations to nonresidents, instead of taking them to jail. If citations are ignored, the
violator's hunting and fishing privileges in the home state can be suspended.

Two dozen states are now members of the interstate compact.