Statewide Community Assessments Show Common Problems, Hopes

Laramie, WY – The Wyoming Rural Development Council has just completed a report on 81 communities in the state. It details the wants and needs of those towns based on extensive meetings among the residents. Executive Director, Mary Randolph, says several themes became clear.

"Common things that come over and over is first of all housing; planning, the lack of having planners and being able to plan for the infrastructure; and workforce, we also found substance abuse, whether that be alcohol or drugs, in most of the communities," she said.

For example, Randolph says the people in the town of Powell agreed that the community had a drug problem during one of their assessment meetings. They decided to publicize a counseling program much more widely, and that drew many more participants than had been coming previously.

The last statewide community assessment report came out two years ago.