Stockgrowers skeptical about a wolf deal

Cheyenne, WY – Governor Matt Mead has indicated that he wants a renewed discussion about wolf management in Wyoming. The specifics remain vague, but at least one prominent group of stakeholders - the Wyoming Stock Growers Association - says it is somewhat doubtful about the prospects for a resolution. Still, Executive Vice President Jim Magagna welcomes the conversation.
"We support his willingness to sit down and talk with Fish and Wildlife Service and see if there's some accommodation - common ground - that can be found. Nothing is lost by communication. I don't think we in Wyoming have a lot of give but there may be some minor adjustments that if we can at least satisfy their concerns, we need to at least take a look at those."
However, Magagna says the Stock Growers Association might be willing to consider minor adjustments in the trophy game area boundary, if those adjustments are backed up by science. He also says he expects further legal challenges to protect wolves, whether or not the gray wolf is removed from the Endangered Species List in Wyoming.