StoryCorps comes to Wyoming

Jul 11, 2013

NPR’s StoryCorps begins a three week stint recording residents' stories in Cheyenne Friday.  The purpose of StoryCorps is to allow families and communities to document important stories. Many get archived and some even played on the radio.  The recordings will take place in a mobile booth near the Laramie County Library.

Senior Coordinator Jordan Bullard says people should be relaxed and have fun.

“There’s no script, there’s no right or wrong question,” Bullard said. “And if at any time anyone feels lost in the conversation or anything like that, we do provide a list of great questions that might help them get back on track with the person they are speaking with, you know revealing questions that help folks get back on track.”

Bullard notes that all participants get a copy of the recording of their interview.  Those who would like to participate can sign up through the Wyoming Public Media website.  Recordings will take place until August 3rd.