Sublette And Goshen Counties Hold Precinct Caucuses Thursday

Feb 15, 2012

Registered Republicans will be able to vote in precinct caucuses tomorrow/Thursday in both Sublette and Goshen counties.

Bob Rule is state committeeman for Sublette County. He says precinct caucuses are important because they serve as the entry point for political participation.

“You know, I often ask people ‘are you politically active?’ and they generally say ‘yes’,” says Rule. “And then I ask the question ‘what do you do before the ballot is printed?’ and they look at me with a strange glare like ‘what do you mean before the ballot is printed?’ I say ‘Before that ballot is printed, to what degree do you participate in the political process?’ and they say ‘well that is how I participate.’ Well there’s a lot of work to be done before that ballot is printed for the primary and the general election.”

Sublette and Goshen county Republicans will also get a chance to participate in a non-binding straw-poll to choose a GOP presidential nominee.

To find out when and where your precinct caucus will be held, visit