Sublette County Group May Sue Over Wolf Issue

Pinedale, WY – Sublette County Farm Bureau President Jim Urbigkit says livestock producers are losing eight times more calves to wolves than originally anticipated. That's why Urbigkit says his group filed a notice of intent to sue the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service over wolf management. He says the agency is not following the environmental impact statement for wolf re-introduction. Urbigkit says everybody has completely lost sight or forgot about the original goal of re-introduction, population goals and potential impacts. He says wolves in Sublette county are constantly preying on livestock and, at best, federal officials may remove two wolves out of a large pack and leave the rest in place. Urbigkit says his group hopes to avoid filing suit, but he sees no other way to protect livestock operations. He says the U-S-F-W-S has yet to respond to the farm bureau's 60 day notice of intent to sue.