Subsidy Bills Moving Through Legislature

Cheyenne, Wy – The Wyoming House and Senate gave initial approval to legislation that would provide Obstetricians help with Medicaid reimbursements. The Senate version of the bill would provide 100 percent reimbursement of their regular charges for delivering what are termed "Medicaid babies." Senators were told there is a difference of about a thousand dollars between what Medicaid currently pays and what doctors would normally get from their insured patients. Senator Rae Lynn Job says they are hoping to close the gap, but she says it's unclear how many doctors will be affected. The house passed a similar bill, but reduced the reimbursement rate to 90-percent. The legislation moves to second reading.
In other work both bodies of the legislature gave preliminary approval to a plan to provide loans to help doctors pay for insurance coverage when they switch carriers. This will apparently help with a problem facing many doctors in the state as the Ohio Insurance Company leaves the state. Coverage is usually much more expensive when switching companies than typical medical malpractice insurance. The Senate rejected an amendment by Senator Charles Scott who wanted the department of health to provide insurance coverage.
Jackson senator Grant Larson said that idea scared him and could put the state at great risk. The bill moves to second reading.