Successes seen in Wyoming on 40th anniversary of Endangered Species Act

Dec 31, 2013

The Endangered Species Act turned 40 this week, and two birds from Wyoming are ranked among the biggest successes of the law.  The Endangered Species Coalition says the peregrine falcon and bald eagle made their top-ten list. Derek Goldman of the Coalition says bald eagles can be seen regularly in some parts of Wyoming, but he adds that it didn’t happen by accident.

“We can see bald eagles almost everywhere now, but at one point 30 years ago, DDT and killing of eagles had really dwindled their numbers.”

Goldman says that 90 percent of listed species are recovering, and that the ESA should be viewed positively by all citizens.

“Those habitats are also important to us.  They’re sources of clean water, sources of food.  So when we protect endangered species, we’re also protecting places that are really important to human survival.”

More than 1300 species of plants, animals, and fish have been protected by the ESA since it was passed in 1973.