Superintendent candidates debate solution to problem teachers

Laramie, Wy – During a debate in Laramie last night, the Republican candidate for State Superintendent, Cindy Hill says that removing problem teachers from schools can be accomplished by good leadership on the part of principals. But she also said problem teachers were protected.
"Unfortunately we have unions who are involved in the process and who are protecting our bad teachers, and it really is a problem. There's only a few who are misplaced, but trust me, every community has em, they know who they are, and they've been there for years."
Democratic candidate Mike Massie's plan for problem instructors is to evaluate them once a year, provide support for those that fail to perform sufficiently, and remove teachers who fail to improve by the next evaluation. Cindy Hill has promised to release a four-point education plan today (Wednesday). During the debate, she said the first point in the plan addresses how to take back local control from teacher unions.