Superintendent Hill's request for legal representation is being reviewed

Aug 12, 2013

Governor Matt Mead says he’s still not sure it’s appropriate for the state to pay for the legal defense of Superintendent Cindy Hill, who’s being investigated by the Wyoming Legislature. 

Hill is accused of misspending state money and mistreating employees.  Because her performance in office is under attack, she asked the Legislature to pay for her legal defense. 

But the state ruled that was inappropriate.  The Wyoming Attorney General’s office is reviewing its earlier ruling against Hill.  Governor Matt Mead says it’s a tricky issue.

The legal council is provided to agencies, people in agencies, elected representatives…it’s based upon their conduct in their official capacity, not in claims of individual wrongdoing.” 

Mead admits this is new ground for everyone involved, and he awaits the Attorney General’s opinion.  Attorneys are being provided to a select investigative committee while it investigates claims against Hill.  Hill said that is unfair. 

Select committee investigates Cindy Hill
Credit Bob Beck