Supporters Rally to Rescue Cowboy State Games

Casper, WY – An impromptu, grass-roots campaign has saved the 2006 Cowboy State Games. Earlier in the week, it appeared certain that organizers would cancel the 20th anniversary of the Games. Fundraising was behind and the Natrona County Travel and Tourism Council rescinded its contribution. But Executive Director Eileen Ford says they received tons of phone calls and an outpouring of financial support. She says everyone from sponsors and t-shirt vendors to athletes and concerned individuals called to offer donations. Ford admits she's concerned that participation could slip because of the uncertainty about the Games' fate over the last few weeks. But she's hopeful media coverage and word-of-mouth will attract enough athletes, whose fees help pay for the Games. Ford says she's uncertain about the long-term fate of the State Games, but hopeful they can ride this newfound momentum into next year.