Supreme Court ruling re-opens same sex marriage debate

Cheyenne, WY – The Wyoming Supreme Court has ruled that a same-sex couple married in Canada can be divorced in the state. Paula Christiansen and Victoria Lee Christiansen were legally married in Canada in 2008 and now are Wyoming residents. Last year, a district court judge ruled that since same-sex marriages are not allowed in Wyoming,a divorce of a same-sex couple also could not be granted. But the state Supreme Court today/Monday ruled that since the marriage was legal, a divorce can be granted. State Senator Tony Ross of Cheyenne was not surprised by the ruling. During the most recent legislative session, he made a similar argument about a bill that would have kept the state from recognizing same sex marriages performed elsewhere."How do you square our constitution that says our courts are open to all people to resolve their disputes."
Cheyenne Representative Amy Edmonds was a supporter of the bill opposing same-sex marriage. She says the Supreme Court ruling shows that Wyoming's laws need to change. "I think we do need legislation, we need to get something passed that would define for us what we feel about Wyoming courts marrying or divorcing a homosexual couple."
Edmonds would like the state to pass a constitutional amendment that would keep same sex marriages from every being recognized in Wyoming.