Surprise Inspection Nabs Commercial Drivers in Yellowstone

Laramie, Wy – More than 100 commercial drivers received tickets this week in Yellowstone National Park. They came during a surprise inspection along the park's western edge.
One-hundred-seventy-six commercial buses and big-rig trucks were stopped Monday and Tuesday along U-S Highway 191, and only 16 passed without any safety violations.
Seventy-seven violations were so serious, that the rig and the driver were parked and not allowed to continue. Park officials say those responsible could face fines ranging from 200 to more than 12-hundred dollars for multiple offenses.
The Park Service says the worst violations included cracked trailer frames, unsecured loads and trailers without brakes.
Aside from safety problems found this week, four illegal immigrants were also discovered during the inspection. They were turned over to federal customs officials.