Surveys Show Teens in Teton County Using More Drugs

Laramie, Wy – Two recent surveys suggest alcohol and marijuana use by Teton County students is rising and exceeds the state averages.
The Youth Risk Behavior Survey was done in 2003 and the Prevention Needs Assessment took place last year.
According to the surveys, 38 percent of Teton County sophomores reported binge drinking during 30 days prior to the survey. The statewide average was 28 percent.
While alcohol may be the drug of choice, marijuana use remained
prevalent. According to the Prevention Needs Assessment, 48 percent of sophomores in Teton County reported smoking marijuana during their lifetimes, as opposed to about 36 percent in 2001. About 18 percent of eighth-graders reported the same, up from five percent in 2001.
The same surveys showed that tobacco use among teenagers was down.