Sustainable Food Program Will Help Grow Ag@Sheridan College

May 7, 2012

Sheridan College students have an exciting opportunity to study sustainable food systems.  This program and several new courses were developed by Connie Fisk, a new faculty member at Sheridan College.  The Sheridan College Ag Department programs fall into three categories: transfer programs that will prepare students to successfully pursue bachelor’s degrees, two-year applied degrees that prepare them for careers in agriculture, and certificates that can enhance any of the college’s degree programs or be used to provide a job-advantage in the agriculture and science fields.  Visit for information on all of the agriculture programs offered at Sheridan College. The new program is a transferable Associate of Science degree in Sustainable Food Systems and is pending approval by the Wyoming Community College Commission. 

"Today we have access to a global, industrial food system, but one that doesn't always focus on product quality or sustainability for the producer or the environment,” said Fisk. “The required courses in this program will challenge students to think through the consequences of our current buying habits, production techniques, and agricultural policies, identify the drawbacks, and offer solutions to food security issues and environmental challenges.  Through their choice of electives students can focus on food production or processing, ultimately growing into the agricultural leaders of the future."

New courses include Food, Ethics, & Sustainability and Exploring Sustainability in Agriculture, as well as two 1-credit introductory courses that are available for fall enrollment.  AECL 1100 - Introduction to Sustainable Food Systems will introduce students to the food system (production, processing, distribution, retail, and waste) and the concept of sustainability.  Class discussions will be based on student reflection of field trips and assigned readings and will help students develop their own definition of a sustainable food system.  AECL 1150 - Perspectives in Sustainable Food Systems will introduce students to a variety of perspectives regarding the sustainability of our current food system through viewings of food documentaries and assigned readings.  Class discussions will be based on student reflection and comparison of the differing perspectives.  The program will also require an internship practicum working in the Sheridan College Community Garden or with a local food producer.

“This program will serve a variety of student interests and needs to support Wyoming agriculture, and it will be the first of its kind in the state,” said Dean of Agriculture and Technical Careers, Ami Erickson.