Taking Chance

Wyoming – In April of 2004, a 19-year-old Wyoming native was killed in action in Iraq. Lance Corporal Chance Phelps had volunteered to man a machine gun in the last vehicle of a convoy traveling outside of Baghdad. The convoy came under fire. Chance stayed true to his post. He covered the rest of the convoy until he was fatally wounded.

Back in the U.S., Lieutenant Colonel Michael Strobl came across Chance's name in a press release and volunteered to escort Chance's body home to his family in Dubois. Strobl wrote a journal entry about his trip that he helped turn into an HBO film called Taking Chance. The film premieres this month. There will be a free screening at Dubois High School tomorrow (Saturday) night.

Lieutenant Colonel Strobl is a writer and a defense analyst at the Pentagon and he joins Addie Goss.