Taxpayers Association Pleased With Wyoming Savings

Laramie, Wy – The director of the Wyoming Taxpayers association is pleased that lawmakers looked at savings during the past legislative session. Randy Bolles admits he was worried that lawmakers would spend too much during the 40 day session. But he thinks the concept of putting a lot of money into the permanent mineral trust fund was long term thinking that will benefit taxpayers, since it could keep lawmakers from having to raise taxes, to pay for government spending in the future. Bolles also thought the legislature took a positive approach towards the large numbers of trust funds that were proposed this past legislative session. The legislature rejected the vast majority of trust fund proposals, and Bolles thought that was the correct approach. "We believe it is the responsibility of the legislature to fund programs through the budget process, and trust funds can almost abrogate that legislative responsibility.
Bolles says his group favors funding some of the proposed projects, but only after legislative review. However, Bolles was a personal fan of the Wildlife Trust Fund. He anticipates that debate will continue over how much should end up in the fund.