Teen Pregnancies Down in Wyoming

Laramie, Wy – A report on the welfare of children and
families in Wyoming shows the number of teens giving birth has dropped significantly in the state.
But officials say the state still has room to improve the lives of many children and families.
The Wyoming Children's Action Alliance put out its annual Kids Count publication this week.
Alliance Director Deanna Frey expressed concern about the amount of money a young mother or a young couple must pay for quality child care in Wyoming. The average annual cost in 2000 was 46-hundred dollars for a 12-month-old and 43-hundred dollars for a four-year-old.
Frey noted that's almost double what it costs for a year of college.
Frey says that alone illustrates the need for a trust fund for children in Wyoming, which the Legislature defeated earlier this
And Rodger McDaniel of the Wyoming Department of Family Services says he worries about the effects of incarceration on the 61-hundred teenagers who were arrested in Wyoming in 2002.
He says imprisonment as a juvenile is one of the biggest indicators of serious problems in the future for a young person.