Teton Business Institute's Future Uncertain

Cheyenne, Wy – The Wyoming legislature will be asked to spend over 700 thousand to help the University of Wyoming hire faculty members to head up a new Center for Sustainable Business practices. But, a proposed Business Institute in Teton County has been placed on hold.
The idea for a graduate business school first surfaced late in 2004, but after a series of studies a committee has decided beefing up the Business College in Laramie is the best approach. The feeling is that even if they wanted to the University is not currently equipped to run any type of business training program. The committee will recommend spending money for new faculty and wants the university and state to move towards setting up what they are calling the Teton Insititute. But Speaker of the House Randall Luthi admits that the institute could possibly go by the wayside.
Jackson Representative Pete Jorgensen is concerned about the fact that they state spent well over 700 thousand dollars studying a project that was never well thought out.
University of Wyoming officials say they plan to move towards a Teton Institute and other outreach endeavors.