Teton County propositions contribute to huge voter turnout

Nov 6, 2012

Teton County ran out of ballots at several polling stations tonight because of skyrocketing voter turnout.

Volunteer election judge Mike Gierau says there were almost 5,000 absentee ballots, in addition to massive amounts of people waiting in line to vote on election day.

“A lot of times you see people in a presidential year just vote for the top offices and then not really go on to the other side of the ballot. Today there was a lot of votes on the other side of the ballot, a lot of votes on those propositions we saw."

There are three local propositions on the Teton County ballot, asking voters to approve charging an extra cent of sales tax to fund three multi-million dollar projects. Those projects include closing the landfill, buying Forest Service property in downtown Jackson and connecting pathways.

When not volunteering as an election judge, Mike Gierau is Wyoming's Democratic National Committeeman.