Teton Pass To Close Overnight for Construction

Rock Springs, WY – Road work over Teton Pass started Wednesday. As of Sunday, Wyoming 22 will be closed six nights a week between 11 pm and 5 am. However it appears the overnight closures weren't known publicly until just this week. Laura Grossnickle is the Public Involvement Specialist for the Wyoming Department of Transportation for that region of the state. Grossnickle spoke with engineers Wednesday, and was told there were ads placed in different newspapers over the past year. But Grossnickle admits that she was not informed of the closures herself, until Tuesday morning. She says they understand the inconvenience this will cause for people who work at night and need to travel over Teton Pass to get home. But Grossnickle says night-time closures are the best option for the majority of people. The closures will be in effect Sundays through Fridays, but crews will open the road briefly at 2 am for motorists waiting at a flagger's station. Grossnickle thinks changing the schedule is something they could look at, but she doesn't know if they've ever done that in response to public outcry.