Textbook rental idea saves UW students money

Laramie, WY – Due to the rising costs of textbooks the University of Wyoming bookstore started a textbook rental pilot program this fall. Campus textbook buyer Shawna Otte says that textbook rentals have become increasing popular nationwide as students look for ways to cut costs.
"Students are buying differently. You're not buying all your textbooks up front right now, I see that transactions are continuing on through the term, you know, through that first month of class infact you're kind of eeking it out and budgeting and that's different from what's been done in the past."
Otte adds that this "internet" generation of students are savvy shoppers and by renting books students can save a lot of money. She thinks textbook companies who have historically made big profits selling new textbooks, will be forced to change as rentals become more popular.