Texting bill passes legislature

Cheyenne, WY – Despite considerable opposition, the Wyoming House of Representatives has joined the state Senate in passing a ban on texting while driving. Supporters said it was a matter of safety, but opponents said it gives law enforcement too much authority to pull drivers over. They also said the state should not try to regulate behavior. Casper Representative Roy Cohee spoke on the floor of the House and said times change and he said if people don't like the bill they should vote against it: "If you like the idea of people in increasing numbers driving down the road, sharing that road with your friends, your families, your sons,your daughters, while looking down at a device, vote no on the bill. If you have fears that law enforcement is just waiting outside to grab your phone and grab your car and put you in jail and get 75-dollars from you. Simply vote no."

After voting yes on the bill a member of the House asked for a special procedure where legislators vote for a second time. It passed again. The Governor says he also supports the measure.