Texting while driving measure heads to final debate

Cheyenne, WY – Supporters of a bill that would ban texting while driving in Wyoming held off an effort to weaken the measure. Casper Representative Lisa Shepperson tried to make the bill a secondary law, which would have meant that someone could not be pulled over and ticketed for driving and texting. They would need to commit some other driving offense first. Bill supporter Roy Cohee of Casper says Shepperson's amendment would take the teeth out of the bill. Shepperson disagreed
"It's not how big of a hammer you have. It's about education, it's about awareness. Look at smoking, look at seatbelts. It works."
Cheyenne Representative Ken Esquibel says not wearing seatbelts only hurts the driver. Someone texting while driving runs the risk of hurting others. The House upheld the texting ban as a primary offense, which means someone could be pulled over solely for texting. The House will discuss the bill for a final time on Wednesday.