Third Quarter of 2010 Shows Growth in Payroll and Wages

LARAMIE, wyo – A recent report from the Wyoming Department of Employment shows that total payroll was up substantially in the third quarter of last year, to more than 128 million dollars.
That's an increase of 4 point 7 percent. At the same time, overall job losses continued.
Senior Economist David Bullard says there's probably a simple explanation for the overall payroll gains, at a time of marginally decreasing employment

"It's hard to say exactly what might be happening," says Bullard. "But one thought is that people might be getting more hours than they were back in 2009."

The largest job and payroll gains came in the mining sector.
Campbell and Albany County led job losses, with most of those losses coming in construction.
Nevertheless, Campbell County's total payroll increased by more than seven million dollars.