Thomas Likes Kempthorne Plan

Washington D-C – Wyoming U-S Senator Craig Thomas says the
subcommittee on national parks that he chairs will hold a hearing
tomorrow (Tuesday) on proposed new federal policies for managing
the national park system.
A draft of the new policy stresses that when there's a conflict
between preserving and using natural and historical places,
conservation will remain the parks' predominant job. It also says
parks should aim for the highest clean air standard and keep lands
eligible for wilderness designations free from snowmobiles, A-T-Vs
and other intrusion.
It's one of the first policy decisions made by Dirk Kemphorne
since becoming Interior Secretary.
Thomas says the revamped policy is a move in the right
Former Interior Secretary Gale Norton and the National Park
Service had proposed wide-ranging park management changes they said
would benefit commercial and recreation interests at a cost to