Three Cases Of Brucellosis Confirmed

LARAMIE, wyo – The Wyoming State Veterinarian says that there are confirmed brucellosis cases in three cows from a Park County herd. That herd and eleven others that had contact with it have been quarantined since initial tests indicated the possibility of brucellosis late last month. Brucellosis is a bacterial disease that can cause cattle, elk and bison to abort their fetuses. The Wyoming Livestock Board is in the process of testing about 3500 head of cattle to determine the extent of the outbreak in northwest Wyoming. State Veterinarian Jim Logan say they will also attempt to pinpoint the source of the disease

"The problem with this situation is - and we don't have confirmation of this yet," says Logan. "But I really do expect that this is going to be an elk transmission to cattle situation. And regardless of what the producers do management-wise with their cattle, they can do everything right and yet they cannot avoid the elk in that area."

Logan says knowing the source of the disease could affect quarantine practices. When herds are quarantined, they're kept off of public land and on the home ranch, which can complicate cattle sales. Logan says a single affected herd won't impact the state's brucellosis-free status.