Three Tier High School Transcript Bill Keeps Moving

Cheyenne, Wy – Wyoming house members gave initial support to a bill that seeks to remove a controversial provision from high school students' graduation transcripts. House Bill 51 would remove a three tier provision from the transcripts. To the concern of some, it would remove state graduation requirements and leave such standards under the control of local districts. While the state department of education contends that federal No Child Left Behind requirements will keep districts from dumbing down diplomas, others are not so sure. Lovell Representative Elaine Harvey says students have been working under the new graduation standards for the last few years, and removing them is not fair, she says Wyoming should have statewide standard for what it means to graduate from high school.
Under the bill, students can graduate if they pass five of nine required subject areas. But House Education Chairman Jeff Wasserburger says any district can make their standards tougher.