Tornado in Sheridan County

Ranchester, WY – Sheridan County saw a tornado touch down Thursday afternoon. An air mass moving across northern Wyoming spawned the tornado between 3:30-4:00 in an area between Sheridan and Ranchester. Keith Meier is the Meteorologist in Charge of the National Weather Service office in Billings. Meier traveled to the site of the twister Friday. He says after looking at video shot by Sheridan Police, he thinks it was an F-Zero tornado, which usually carry winds of 70 to 90 miles an hour. Meier says only minor damage was reported, but admits it could have been worse had it not been in open country. Meier does say the tornado crossed Interstate 90 at one point. Originally there were reports of two twisters. But Meier thinks what happened is the tornado formed and was spotted, then dissipated and re-formed before being spotted again.