Torrington In Line for Job Creation

Torrington, WY – With a state prison on the way, Torrington and Goshen County will soon be enjoying some considerable job creation. And it's not just the jail. Heartland Biocomposites, a wood-substitute manufacturer, will create 20 jobs immediately and at least 90 down the line. Brad Sutherland is the Goshen County Economic Development Corporation's Executive Director. He says the 300-plus jobs at the prison will pay over $26,000 as a starting wage, 14% higher then the county's current average salary. Sutherland expects there will be some stress on existing companies. Sutherland says the growing population will provide those businesses with new revenue, but he thinks wage inflation is also a definite. Sutherland says it's likely that employers will find trouble filling lower-end jobs. He thinks businesses will need to start looking at teenagers and the elderly to meet their workforce needs.