Torrington Prison Far From Dead

Cheyenne, Wy – The Wyoming Department of Corrections is still moving forward with plans to build a new prison in Torrington. Plans got put on hold after an earlier proposal came in well over budget. But spokeswoman Melinda Brazzale says they are currently in the process of hiring a construction manager who will try and bring the project together within the budget guidelines. They will come on board and work with the architect, the engineer, the value engineering company that has already been hired, our office and the office of administration and information. They will come up with guaranteed maximum price .and we will have a much better project. Brazzale notes that many wonder if the project has been indefinitely postponed and she says that is far from the truth.
Brazzale says a number of other projects associated with the prison are underway. She expects that construction of the facility will be delayed by a year.