Torrington Wins Committee Support for Prison

Cheyenne, WY – A committee of the state legislature voted to put the new prison in Torrington Tuesday night. The vote came after a full day of arguments about the process and the choice of Goshen County.The Department of Corrections started the process of choosing a spot for the new medium security prison about a year ago. What they did is set up a system for scoring each community interested in being home to the facility. At the committee meeting that system came under fire from city officials from Riverton and Rawlins those are the two cities that also wanted the prison but scored below Torrington. One legislator said if there were problems why didn't he hear about them until now. The director of Community Development for Rawlins, Ron Kilgore's response is they had access to everything but the scoring matrix. The full House is next to consider this and the other arguments surrounding the prison.