Tough DUI bill dies

Wyoming – When the legislative session started this month there were two bills that would enhance Wyoming's Driving Under the Influence law. Groups have called Wyoming's law one of the worst in the country, mainly because it is viewed as having too many loopholes for offenders. This year the idea is to better establish when someone is legally drunk, allow prosecutors to see how many D-U-I' s someone has acquired in a ten year period,instead of the current five. Both bills also allowed for law enforcement to better determine if someone was under the influence of a non alcoholic substance,legal or illegal.

Jackson Representative Keith Gingery has been concerned that people are allowed to refuse a blood alcohol test in Wyoming, and he wanted that refusal to result in an admission of guilt. He also wanted to be able to enhance penalties if someone is excessively drunk. Gingery's tougher bill was in the house, but after the Senate passed its version last week. Gingery, who chairs the house judiciary committee removed his bill from consideration. He joins Bob Beck in Cheyenne to explain why