Toxic Gas Results in Rock Springs Due Friday

Laramie, WY – Some Rock Springs residents will soon know if toxic gases are leaking into their homes. Lab results are expected tomorrow (Friday). The Department of Environmental Quality has responded to claims that dropping 25-ton weights to reclaim abandoned mines has caused hydrogen sulfide leaks and structural damage in homes. D-E-Q spokesman Keith Guille (GEEL) says residents can now file claims for any damage. And he says lab tests will identify the presence and concentration of any gases. Guille says so far the D-E-Q hasn't linked the gas odors or foundation cracks to the weight dropping called dynamic compaction.

Guille: "It's hard for us to say if the damage is related to dynamic compaction but we wanted to listen to the public and we wanted to make sure their homes are structurally sound."

Guille says this was the first time the D-E-Q used the weights. He says the D-E-Q will revaluate the risks before using them again.