Transmission line bids on the way

Cheyenne, Wy – TransCanada's Zephyr transmission line will begin what's called "open season" in October. That's the time when wind power producers can bid for a chance to be part of the line. The Wyoming Infrastructure Authority's Steve Ellenbecker says the proposed Zephyr line is larger than any existing transmission line in the state. And for TransCanada, this bidding process is a key part of deciding whether to go through with construction on the 3 billion dollar project.
"What they're trying to do is determine whether potential subscribers to the capacity have the ability to secure power purchase agreements at the end of the line that enable them to purchase the capacity on the project."
Ellenbecker says the bidding process will take several months. If the open season is successful, the regulatory process comes next. Completion of the Zephyr line is at least five years away, if each step goes smoothly