Trauner Campaign Says GOP Worried

Laramie, Wy – Democratic U-S House candidate Gary
Trauner's campaign says a late 240-thousand dollar advertising
blitz by a Republican group shows the G-O-P is concerned that
Representative Barbara Cubin might lose her seat.
The National Republican Congressional Committee bought ads last
Friday that criticize Trauner, saying he would be a better
representative for New York than for Wyoming.
Jonathan Collegio of the National Republican Congressional
Committee says the 240-thousand dollars is a drop in the bucket and
there was no concern about Cubin losing. He says the committee
spends money in districts to shore up Republican incumbents.
Cubin is seeking a seventh term against Trauner and Libertarian
Thomas Rankin.
Cubin says the ad buy is a reflection of troubles faced by the
G-O-P nationally with the House page scandal, Iraq and other issues
and not because of any problems with her campaign.
Trauner campaign manager Linda Stoval says no national
Democratic organizations would be buying ads in Wyoming.