Trauner Says Everything Is On The Table

Laramie, Wy – Wyoming U-S House Candidate Gary Trauner says he will do what it takes to balance the budget. Trauner says many give lip service to being fiscally responsible but he plans on taking action. Some Republican organizations have charged that Trauner will not admit to whether he would raise taxes. During an interview with Wyoming Public Radio Trauner admitted that everything is on the table
it's no different from being in a household, or being in a business. You can either raise revenue, cut expenses, or do some combination of them both. I don't want anyone to pay a penny more in taxes then they need to, or should. But to say, read my lips, no new taxes nothing is gonna change but we are going to balance the budget and be fiscally responsible that is just someone who is trying to sell you a bill of goods.
But Trauner says he would only approach the issue, after every thing else has been reduced in the federal budget. Trauner is currently the only Democrat running for Wyoming's lone U-S House seat.