Trauner Says You Can Always Run Him Off

Laramie, Wy – Democratic U-S House candidate Gary
Trauner says he gives Wyoming voters a choice over the current
political climate of negativity and partisan bickering.
And he says if he doesn't live up to expectations of voters then
in two years they could -- in his words -- "run me off."
Trauner is seeking to unseat six-term Republican Representative
Barbara Cubin. Libertarian Thomas Rankin is also on the ballot.
In an interview with The Associated Press today (Tuesday),
Trauner says people are sick of negative campaigns and blind
allegiance to political parties by members of Congress.
He says he would not be a party-line politician.
He favors public financing of political campaigns to eliminate
"big money" in Washington and the perception of politicians being
bought and influenced.
Trauner also reiterated that he has never supported a gun
registry and doesn't support amnesty for illegal immigrants as the
Cubin campaign has advertised.