Trauner unveils energy plan

Laramie, Wy – Democrat Gary Trauner has unveiled his energy plan. Trauner is seeking Wyoming's lone U-S House seat and says the slogan of Drill Here, Drill Now is not enough.
Trauner has unveiled a variety of proposals that includes a long term strategy for energy independence. Trauner says Government must work with private enterprise to come up with a range of alternative energy solutions. But he is not ready to say that he supports subsidies to help business develop alternative energy.
"I support a whole range of stuff from tax incentives to research and development help." But he says he will see about incentives.
But Trauner is leery of going too far. "I don't want government in any way, shape or form, to determine any specific type of energy like they did with corn ethanol."
Trauner says his long term vision should enhance Wyoming's economy by developing new energy jobs that will keep young people in the state.