Travel Costs Crippling U-W's Athletic Dept.

Laramie, Wy – Fuel costs and airline woes are putting serious pressure on the University of Wyoming's Athletics Department.
Last year, a charter flight to Western Michigan for the U-W soccer team cost the university 25-thousand dollars. This year, the price nearly doubled. The department's Bill Sparks says the school's 1.7-million dollar travel budget is feeling pressure from all angles. A chartered bus to the airport in Denver went up several hundred dollars per trip. The woes at Frontier Airlines led the company to cancel its group travel department. U-W has gone to other carriers, but Sparks says every ticket now costs about 200 dollars more. That does not include new surcharges for extra baggage, such as equipment.
And all this adds up when you have several hundred athletes, trainers, and coaches traveling tens of thousands of miles across the country in a year.