Trend of earlier spring felt in Wyoming

Cheyenne, WY – Wyoming is no exception to a national trend that's seeing spring creeping earlier on the calendar each year.

Scientists say seasonal timing changes are evident in nearly every state as flowers bloom and wildlife emerge earlier than in decades past. In Wyoming, researchers say melting snowpack is an indicator of the early onset of spring.

State climatologist Steve Gray says snow has been melting and running off into streams as much as four to eight weeks earlier than the historical average.

Early snow melt can be a concern for a state that relies predominantly on snowpack and its runoff into local streams and reservoirs for its water.

Gray says that the trend of early snow melt and runoff point to climate change.

Wyoming has received almost its historical average of snowpack so far this year, but Gray says a couple more big snowfalls in the coming weeks are needed to boost the state's water supply.