Trooper accused of murder plot

Cheyenne, Wy – Federal authorities charge that a former Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper had planned to murder a Wal-Mart truck driver and then stage an accident with his patrol car to collect damages from the company.
Trooper Franklin Ryle pleaded not guilty to three charges in
federal court at his arraignment before a federal magistrate in
Cheyenne on Tuesday. Ryle remains in custody, where he's been since
his arrest in March.
An indictment returned last week and unsealed Tuesday charges
Ryle with violating the rights of the truck driver by kidnapping
Other charges allege that Ryle was armed during the alleged
crime and tried to convince another trooper to help him.
Ryle's attorney, David Weiss, declined to comment.
Col. Sam Powell of the highway patrol says Ryle is no longer
employed as of Tuesday. Powell declined to say whether Ryle
resigned or was fired.